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Tenth time! Why This Training Project Is So Popular!

On June 25, 16 overseas trainees from seven countries including Mexico, Serbia, Zambia, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and 25 students from training schools of 16 provinces in China gathered at XCMG Specialized Intelligent Manufacturing Base for Piling Machinery to witness the opening of the tenth training project of global excellent operator, marking this practical training kicking off.

Representatives from Brand and Culture Development Department and relevant organizations attend the ceremony

The global excellent operator training project, as one of the 14 key projects carried out by XCMG Group, is in its fourth year. An accumulated training in 19 classes for 10 times is carried out, helping global operators work with more accuracy and  efficiency, and benefiting more than 600 overseas service engineers and operators from 23 countries along the Belt and Road.

Two classes are offered for overseas service engineers and rotating drill operators, with duration of 25 days. XCMG will customize programs for trainees so that they can systematically learn courses integrating theories and practices such as installation and adjustment of pilot system and power system and disassembly and assembly of transformer and transmission, as well as theoretical courses such as principle of product structure and overseas service specifications, so as to help trainees master the technologies of product maintenance, construction method, analysis and troubleshooting of common faults and safe operation, and enhance their comprehensive capacities. 

Jiang Nan and Li Yalin award medals to the representatives of trainees

Su Chen, the trainers’ representative from XCMG Foundation Company and Deng Shaoyu, representative of trainees make speeches

Unlike the previous time, this training focuses on the influence of culture and introduction of value. By revisiting the road along which General Secretary Xi inspected XCMG, namely visiting XCMG intelligent manufacturing base, and experiencing enterprise culture, lectures of skill gurus, opinion exchanges and public welfare activitie, the training guides trainees to perceive XCMG’s social care and social responsibilities.

Revisiting the road along which General Secretary Xi inspected XCMG

XCMG intelligent manufacturing base for piling machinery

Prize quiz of “XCMG’s culture of making great achievements”

“From a newbie, a rotating drill apprentice to an all-round technician, I cannot make it without the training from XCMG. Now my salary is increased more than twice.” Bai Yang, a trainee told his story with the training project

Hany, an overseas service engineer from Saudi DMC Company also shared his story with XCMG, “We will take this training as a valuable learning opportunity and turn the knowledge and skills we have learned as our own wealth……I would like to express my faithfully thanks to all XCMG leaders and staff who carefully organized and diligently prepared this training.”

Project starts with wearing XCMG customized badges of “30th anniversary, meeting at XCMG” and lighting the stars of global excellent operators at home and aboard, passing on the public welfare concept of XCMG joining hands with industrial partners and operators “making the world better”, and displaying XCMG’s social responsibilities in industrial progress and development.

This year coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of XCMG Group. Geared with market needs and national policies, XCMG extends “providing customers with complete solutions” to highly skilled personnel training, cultivates all-round operators and service personnel with high quality and ability to communicate, repair, operate, construct and manage, and continuously practices the sustainable development concept of “XCMG, making the world better”.