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Autopilot!XCMG Develops China’s First Tunnel-cleaning Robot!

Days ago,an unmanned equipment moving in V shape aroused people’s attention.TCR7500 from XCMG,China’s first tunnel-cleaning robot.Customized for the client,the equipment finalized 7-day uninterrupted reliability test in the debugging period.In the entire process,not a single person is piloting.

Making breakthroughs and getting into the field of nuclear power equipment

The success of TCR7500 helps XCMG make a robust step into the field of nuclear equipment.It is the first sophisticated equipment specially designed and developed for the nuclear application.It also gains the qualification for the nuclear-class equipment.

The product is the intelligent high-end equipment specially designed to clean the internal walls in water-diversion tunnels for nuclear power stations.It is mainly used to clear away marine life,sludge and other substances on the curve surface in tunnels,without damaging the tunnel internal wall.It can be remote-controlled through wireless telecom and video monitoring,so as to realize the holistic and efficient cleaning of marine life in the long tunnel with large diameter.

Sophisticated,green,intelligent and safe

XCMG’s TCR7500 tunnel-cleaning robot is mainly composed of the host,hydraulic system,local electric control system,remote electric control system and wireless telecom module.It can realize automatic walk,automatic work,remote troubleshooting,posture testing and control,etc.Featured with easy operation and reliable control,it can improve work efficiency considerably.In terms of safety,the tunnel-cleaning robot is equipped with distance measuring,wall barrier detection,pressure sensing and other safety control modules,so as to ensure the reliability of the machine and safety of operators.

Super precision and efficient automatic operation

XCMG’s TCR7500 can operate in the tunnel without an operator.It can achieve remote control and check from a more than 4km distance.Based on ultrasonic wave distance measuring,it uses the fault tolerance and deviation correction algorithms to realize the control mechanism for crawler to walk along the tunnel axis.The crawler walk utilizes double-pump system,with the right and left crawler controlled separately.The motor rotating speed is tested on real-time basis and adopts the feedback control to secure the precision of synchronous control in less than 5cm deviation.

Intelligent manufacturing represents the trend of manufacturing in the future.As the leading construction machinery manufacturer,XCMG will surely take the vantage point in intelligent development.In the future,XCMG will bring more high-end intelligent products to the industry and to the clients.