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XCMG,the Steel Bridge of Friendship between Russia and China

This year marks the 70th year since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China. China is the largest trade partner of Russia. The two countries have made fruitful results of cooperation in energy, space, aviation, science and technology, etc. XCMG, China’s leading manufacturer of construction machinery, has won the favor from Russian market since 2001 thanks to its high-quality products, thus building a steel bridge of friendship between Russia and China.



In Murmansk of Russia, the largest port city along the Arctic coast at North Latitude 69°, more than ten XCMG crawler cranes are making hoisting operations at the berth. Against the extremely-cold environment in the Arctic Circle, XCMG still presented a wonderful performance.



The shouts and cheers in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia seem to be echoing from the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow to Kirov Stadium in St. Petersburg, and from Kaliningrad to Yekaterinburg. A fleet of XCMG equipment were active participants when these venues were being built.



XCMG equipment at 2018 FIFA World Cup stadiums in Russia.


XCMG equipment was also seen in many other key projects in Russia, e.g., Moscow Subway, Moscow New Town, High-speed Railway, natural gas pipeline and Crimea Bridge.


XCMG’s XG480D diaphragm wall grab bucket at Moscow Subway project


XCMG’s XR150D at Russia commercial center project


XCMG crane at New Siberia Highway project


Three XCMG 150t crawler cranes at New Siberia Third Highway Bridge project


XCMG QY100K at Lake Baikal scientific expedition project


As China’s largest and the world’s sixth largest construction machinery manufacturer, XCMG implements the going-out strategy, manufactures high-quality products, and increases sales in the past 20-year operation in Russia market. Till today, it has sold more than 80,000 units in this country.


XCMG products cover cranes, excavators, scrapers, road machines, piling machines, special machines and mining machines, etc. It launches premium products according to demands in Russia market. For years, XCMG has the largest market share among all Chinese brands operating in Russia.


XCMG LW500K loader at minus 20 degrees centigrade


XCMG mining equipment at Yamal mine region in Russia


XCMG Russia was founded in 2013. Many local employees at XCMG Russia has deepened friendship while helping the manufacturer better integrate into local culture and life in the country.

XCMG Russia employees and clients


At the same time, XCMG Russia provides financing leasing and operation leasing business. Centered in Moscow, it has 15 service & spare parts centers or service outlets covering six major administrative regions in Russia. It provides local clients, on a timely basis, one-stop solutions.


XCMG unit equipment solutions exported to Russ


XCMG has done more than just that in Russia. In the Blue Love Charity - XCMG Global Charity Russia Stop, XCMG donates toy vehicles and stationery to orphans and handicapped children in an orphanage in Moscow, thus receiving great praise from locals.


Blue Love Charity, Russia Stop


XCMG employees with local children in Russia


Chinese President Xi Jinping, on his visit in Russia, said, “This year marks the 70th anniversary of Russia-China diplomacy. It is a milestone and also a new starting point. We are now in the midst of once-in-a-century fundamental changes in the world. Russia and China are supposed to live up to expectations of international community and their peoples.”

With such expectation, XCMG is ready to extend its steel arms into friendship hands, and turn the golden cranes into the bridge of friendship, thus opening the door towards cooperation and win-win situation.